Tooth Repair Beads

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Tooth Repair Beads have a realistic look and feel. Make you instant and confident Smile.
Produced in tropical rain forest raw resin pellets and it will make you regain the power of smile.

Usage for all occaision!!!


The teeth repair beads kit provides you a way to fill in a missing tooth temporarily until you can get to a dentist.

✅Natural teeth

The product is made of high-quality and completely safe resin material. The color of natural teeth and easy to clean. Suitable for most people.


The moldable thermal beads work as a temporary teeth repair too which can make you smile instantly and confidently again, you can just shape it to fit your tooth.


It can be used for broken teeth, big gaps, uneven teeth and missing teeth until you can get to a dentist.

Tips: Just kindly refer to the instruction on the box. You will get a good temporary tooth after few practices. Don’t be afraid to fail.