#7. One Lip Plumper & Lip Gloss and Five Matte Lip Glaze 6-color Set

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Product information:

Net product content: 1.5ml*6pcs

Box size: 13.3*12.4*1.6cm

Single lip gloss size: 10.6*1.3*1.3cm

Box weight: 113g

6 PCS Matte Liquid Lipstick Set with a Glossy Lip Plumper


BRAND : Beautyiuu 
NAME : Lip plumper & Lip gloss
SIZE : 133 * 124 * 16mm / 13 * 13 * 106mm
NET WEIGHT : 0.05 fl oz / 1.5ml * 6PCS
COLOR : 6 Colors
SHELF LIFE : 3 Years

All in One Kit:5pcs matte lipsticks plus a Lip plumper! Anyone who wears matte lipsticks knows that most matte lipsticks are somewhat drying, but everyone's feelings about this dryness are also different, if you suddenly have other ideas, the lip plumper will be a great helper!


Matte Finish Shades: This set is designed for matte lovers in a wide range of shades, whether you have fair, neutral or dark skin, it will give you an elegant matte finish. Once you start using it, you'll find their satin smooth texture.


High Quality Formula: With a strict ratio of ingredients, these lip glosses can stays on durable, dries quick and has no stickiness, and the lip plumper can provides excellent plumping and moisturising effects.


Vegan and Cruelty-free:We profoundly agree that animals are friends of humans and not tools for experimentation. This is also one of the fundamental principles in our product development process.


Packing: 5 PCS Lip Gloss and 1 PC Lip Plumper, total 6 PCS in one set with paper box.